About Me

Dear Reader,

What’s up. Glad you came to visit.

I graduated from Rutgers with a degree in philosophy. You’re probably thinking that I should be sitting in a corner thinking about random shit like what is real? What is the meaning of our existence? Or, why the hell did I major in philosophy? But I don’t. I mean, sometimes I do.

I started this blog to reflect on career, industries, and people that I’m involved with. Not in a reality TV sort of way, more so for me to learn, grow and improve. Hopefully after reading my site you can learn a thing or two and be better for it. You’ll find articles written here which I feel most passionately about. It’s basically business development, tech, and career management. I’m a huge fitness junkie and write about healthy living for the working professional on MindYaFitness.

I live in Hoboken and am trying my very best to stay out of trouble. I’m currently doing business development at a start up in the city, Zemanta. I also teach high intensity fitness classes and write for Intrepid Gym.

Check out the site and make comments on any posts that you find engaging or thought provoking.

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Andrew Kobylarz